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Judge Rules In City's Favor In Ogelsby Case

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 17:27:03 CST
By: Willis Kern

A McLean County Judge has invalidated an arbitrators ruling that a Bloomington police officer should be reinstated after being fired for an incident involving a student at a grade school. Officer Scott Ogelsby was let go in May 2011 after he allegedly restrained a special-needs child at Stevenson Elementary School the previous December. An arbitrator had ordered the officer back on the job, despite finding that Ogelsby had lifted the child off his feet and pinned him against a wall, with the child's feet dangling for 5 to 8 seconds. The city had argued keeping Ogelsby on the job threatened the protection of school-aged children from physical harm. Judge Sue Foley agreed, reversing the ruling. In a statement, Bloomington Police Chief Brenden Heffner said the judge's decision reinforces the confidence that the needs of citizens and especially children come first.

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