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Lobbyist Still Going Strong At Ninety

Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:26:17 CST
By: AP

Illinois' oldest lobbyist recently turned 90, and isn't slowing down. Dick Lockhart has lobbied in Springfield for 55 years and still works seven days a week. He's president of Social Engineering Associates. A soldier and World War Two prisoner of war, Lockhart began lobbying in 1958. He works largely with mental health advocacy organizations and calls mental health insurance parity his greatest accomplishment. The law made insurance companies pay for mental health needs. Lockhart says much has changed since his career began, including the increasing amounts of legislation filed every year and the constant fundraising or campaigning for lawmakers. Those who've worked with Lockhart call him tireless. Longtime state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie says he brings sensible strategy to his work and doesn't seem anything close to 90.

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