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Internet Civility: A Civil Rights Issue?

Mon, 03 Feb 2014 04:09:38 CST
By: IPR's Scott Cameron

Internet Civility: A Civil Rights Issue?
(pictured, freelance journalist Amanda Hess, from Twitter)
After deciding against canceling classes in the wake of sub-zero temperatures, University of Illinois Urbana Chancellor Phyllis Wise became the target for a barrage of sexist and racist comments on Twitter. A relatively small number of people sent those tweets, and many were quickly taken down. But they’re an example of the sort of target someone can become online. In her piece “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet,” Freelance Journalist Amanda Hess wrote recently about her own experiences with this sort of online harassment. After being repeatedly threatened with rape and murder from certain readers, she says Internet civility is quickly becoming a civil rights issue. She tells IPR's Scott Cameron that even though she’s disappointed by the tweets sent by some U of I students, she’s not at all surprised.

Amanda Hess wrote about her own experiences with online abuse in an article featured in Pacific Standard magazine. (CAUTION: Article contains content considered mature in nature)


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