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Twin Cities Loses Government And Finance Jobs

Thu, 30 Jan 2014 14:05:14 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

The Bloomington Normal labor market ended the year with the second largest job loss of any metro area in the state. Only Decatur fared worse as a percentage. The Department of Employment Security says Bloomington Normal lost 1,400 jobs compared to December of 2012. The largest loss came in government employment with 600 fewer jobs. The Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Sector was also down about 400 jobs. The 7.1% unemployment rate for the McLean County area last month is seven tenths of a point higher than at the same time in 2012. State officials say most major cities had unemployment rate increases in December blamed in large part on a slowdown in manufacturing. Peoria's jobless rate rose a full point to 9.2 percent. The Quad Cities had the lowest unemployment rate among large Illinois cities.

Unemployment fell only in the Chicago-Joliet-Naperville and Davenport-Moline-Rock Island areas. The Chicago rate dropped from 8.6 percent to in December 2012 to 8.2 percent last month. In the Rock Island area the jobless rate dropped to 6.8 percent. Unemployment increased the most in Danville where the rate rose from 10 percent to 12.2 percent and in Peoria where the jobless rate jumped 1 percent to 9.2 percent. Both cities rely on manufacturing. The department said earlier this month that statewide unemployment fell to 8.6 percent.

     Metropolitan AreaDec. 2013Dec. 2012
     Bloomington-Normal 7.1%6.4%
     Champaign-Urbana 8.3%7.4%
     Danville 12.2%10.0%
     Davenport-Moline-Rock Isl. 6.8%7.0%
     Decatur 12.7%11.8%
     Kankakee-Bradley 11.3%10.5%
     Lake-Kenosha, IL-WI8.6%8.5%
     St. Louis (IL-Section)8.5%8.4%

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