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Senate GOP Leader Opposes Min Wage Hike

Mon, 27 Jan 2014 07:14:12 CST

Illinois Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno says she opposes raising the minimum wage.   Democratic Governor Pat Quinn wants to boost it from $8.25 to at least $10 dollars, but Radogno says she thinks that's not the best way to deal with Illinois' high unemployment:

"In my view, we need to have the discussion about making sure we can get people into the jobs that are there that provide a good wage, as opposed to making ourselves further out of step with the surrounding states in having a minimum wage that's much higher than them."

Radogno says she expects the Governor will make a pitch for boosting the minimum wage in his state of the state address next week. And she says it may come up for a vote this session, since it's become a political issue in the governor's race.   The most recent change to Illinois' minimum wage was in 2010.

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