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Campus Fears About Shooting Incidents

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 16:52:57 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

This week's campus shooting at Purdue University is only the latest in a string of violent incidents that have changed campus cultures nationwide. That's according to Illinois State University Political Scientist Julie Webber. She says Universities quickly responded to the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007 by putting in place crisis teams and enhancing communication. But, Webber says says incidents like those at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, and now Purdue change the public perception of the safety of campuses and affect college students.

Webber says students talk about these cases a lot, going over and what each violent outbreak means and how universities can protect them. Webber says the nation has seen dramatic declines in mental health funding over the last decade. She says most campuses are no longer staffed to deal with people who have mental health issues. She says increased funding could help find people in the middle of breaking down before they act.

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