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What's On Your Turntable, Bill Porter?

Wed, 15 Jan 2014 15:58:33 CST
By: Jon Norton

What's On Your Turntable, Bill Porter? Bill Porter has been an integral part of the Central IL music scene for nearly 4 decades. First as a member of Tamarak, later with the popular band Mojo Stew, and today you can hear him with his band "The Bill Porter Project." GLT's Jon Norton regularly hits area vinyl record stores for Sound Ideas to hear what they're playing while customers browse the bins. We call it "What's On Your Turntable." Bill recently caught one of the segments and contacted us so he could share what was playing on HIS turntable. Jon caught up with Bill at is home in rural Bloomington.

Thanks to Bill Porter for sharing the music that's playing on his turntable, and talking us through the different guitars and tones used on some of the greatest songs to come out of the 1960's. What's playing on your turntable? E-mail us at info at news@wglt.org.
(Photo credit: Lori Ann Cook-Neisler, The Pantagraph)

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