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Most GOP Gov Candidates Meet At Forum

Wed, 15 Jan 2014 07:04:10 CST
By: IPR's Tony Arnold

Three of the four Republican candidates running for Illinois governor debated in southwest suburban Plainfield last night. IPR's Tony Arnold reports on how the fourth candidate's absence was felt.


Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner wasn't in attendance. He has a huge financial lead over the other Republicans - and has committed to other forums. Rauner's absence left him open for criticism from Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who says Republican primary voters want a familiar face, not

RUTHERFORD: Someone that has not showed up at the State Fair for Republican Day the first time because they're running for governor.

State Senator Kirk Dillard:

DILLARD: Rahm Emanuel wouldn't be mayor of Chicago today without Bruce Rauner.

And State Senator Bill Brady says Rauner has shown:

BRADY: The height of arrogance.

Rauner's no-show also didn't sit well with voter Mike Daum.

DAUM: I've had him on my Facebook. I've liked him. I may unlike him after this.

Daum doesn't know which candidate he'll support, but he says if a Democrat wins come November, he knows a real estate agent in Indiana.

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