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GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Focus On Rauner

Mon, 13 Jan 2014 07:57:52 CST

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Focus On Rauner Republican candidates for Illinois governor are criticizing Bruce Rauner the best way they can afford to -- through the media. State Senator Bill Brady held a press conference yesterday to criticize Bruce Rauner for a variety of reasons. From Raunerís multiple stances on the minimum wage, to his private equity firm's ties to a convicted politician, to Rauner's alleged influence used to get his child into an exclusive Chicago school:

"It is about the character of a candidate who would use their influence to put themselves in front of somebody else."

For his part - Rauner says that convicted politician's contract was terminated before his problems came to light. Meantime State Senator Kirk Dillard has put out statements to the media, accusing Rauner of buying Republican organizers' support. Both Brady and Dillard have reported relatively small amounts of money raised. Rauner reported just last week raising close to 400-thousand dollars. And he gave his own campaign one million. Treasurer Dan Rutherford is also running for the Republican nomination for governor.

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