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Chasing Winter Blues With Monastic Music

Wed, 08 Jan 2014 10:47:40 CST
By: Judy Valente

Chasing Winter Blues With Monastic Music
In the long month of January, with its short hours of daylight, dreary skies and occasional sub-zero temperatures, it's easy to slip into a bad case of the winter blues. A growing number of people are finding solace in an ancient form of music -- the chants and hymns sung in monasteries. Some contemplative nuns living on the Great Plains, in Gower, Missouri, are fueling a nationwide resurgence of interest in monastic music. WGLT's Judy Valente has the story.


The Benedictine sisters of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison are offering their CDs to anyone who makes a free-will donation to the monastery. In February, the Benedictine sisters from Gower Missouri, whose music you also heard in this segment, will release their fourth CD, "Lent at Ephesus".

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