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Two More Retiree Groups Litigate Pension Law

Thu, 02 Jan 2014 16:23:24 CST
By: AP

Another group of retired Illinois workers has filed a lawsuit challenging a new plan to eliminate the state's $100 billion public pension shortfall. The Illinois State Employees Association Retirees sued this afternoon in Sangamon County Circuit Court. The Retired State Employees Association filed a similar lawsuit earlier today. The groups are the latest to argue the landmark plan violates a provision of the Illinois Constitution that states pension benefits may not be diminished. Illinois has the nation's worst-funded public-employee pension systems. Lawmakers in December approved legislation to reduce the unfunded liability, largely by cutting benefits. Members of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association and the Illinois Association of School Administrators sued last week. Gov. Pat Quinn and other supporters of the pension law say they're confident it will be upheld.

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