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Census Data Show Uninsured Rates In Central Illinois

Wed, 01 Jan 2014 12:51:05 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

71,000 people in nine central Illinois Counties were without health insurance earlier this year according to recently released census data. Some of those are undoubtedly among the million plus nationwide who have already signed up for coverage under the affordable care act, but the rates of uninsured show what experts say is the continued drain on healthcare providers from uninsured people. In McLean County about 7.4% of the population is without coverage. Portions of Bloomington have ten to twenty percent uninsured rates as does the section of Normal that includes the Illinois State University Campus. The total number of uninsured in McLean County is more than 12,400 people. Census data show Peoria County had nearly 20,000 people without coverage, or about 10.7% of the population.

Rate of Uninsured
McLean Co. 7.4%
Peoria Co. 10.7%
Tazewell Co. 8.2%
Champaign Co. 10%
Ford Co. 8.2%
Piatt Co. 7.9%
Livingston Co. 7.6%
Dewitt Co. 8.7%
Woodford Co. 6.5%

Number of uninsured
12,462 in McLean Co.
19,647 in Peoria Co.
10,875 in Tazewell Co.
19,937 in Champaign Co.
2,619 in Livingston Co.
1,116 in Ford Co.
1,307 in Piatt Co.
1,408 in Dewitt Co.
2,479 in Woodford Co.

168,408 McLean Co.
183,625 Peoria Co.
199,375 Champaign Co.
132,629 Tazewell Co.
13,621 Ford Co.
16,541 Piatt Co.
34,465 Livingston Co.
16,192 Dewitt Co.
38,140 Woodford Co.

McLean County In Detail
Uninsured 7.4%
Private ins. 69.2%
Public ins. 12.5%
Public and Private 10.8%

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