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Gov Visits Storm Stricken Washington

Wed, 01 Jan 2014 04:26:55 CST

Gov Visits Storm Stricken Washington Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation yesterday that clears the way for nearly six million dollars in state funding to cover the state's shared obligations with FEMA for the Flooding last spring. Quinn signed the bill in a ceremonial event in tornado-ravaged Washington Illinois. But, that bureaucratic step in the process was met by tornado victims with concerns about access to FEMA and other recovery funds. About 200 people, mostly those underinsured and renters from Georgetown Common apartments, are facing multiple layers of bureaucratic impasse. Jeff Kuehl was a resident of the Georgetown Common complex. He says getting assistance is proving impossible:

"So I'm in a neverending loop here. They won't allow me access but yet FEMA won't cover or assist because my stuff is salvageable."

FEMA reportedly needs a structural engineer's report detailing damage and access in the complex following the tornado. That would help qualify renters, like Kuehl, for individual assistance. Georgetown residents and the property manager learned during the governor's visit that the formal OSHA report FEMA is asking for does not exist.

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