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Falcons Make Comeback

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 10:01:19 CST
By: Jim Browne

Falcons Make Comeback The Endangered Species Act has been a success for several species in Illinois, including Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles.   Both birds suffered from human behaviour in the 1960's, according to Tierra Curry of the Center for Biological Diversity:

"One of the reasons the peregrine was declining was because of the pesticide DDT, that caused it's eggshells to thin. So when the parents went to incubat the eggs, the eggs would literaly just collapse under them."

A ban on DDT is one of the protections in the Endangered Species Act, which turns 40 tomorrow. Curry says the falcons adapt very well to Chicago skyscrapers, and eat other birds.

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