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Deer Population Drops

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 04:41:40 CST
By: Jim Browne

Deer Population Drops Hunters brought in only 75% of the number of deer they did a year ago, because of a drop in the animal's population. Outbreaks of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, EHD, cause a some of the decline. And Tom Micetich of the Department of Naturel Resources says in 2008, the IDNR adopted deer herd management goals based on recommendations of the General Assembly's Joint Task Force on Deer Population Control:

"Among them was a recommendation to lower the state-wide deer vehicle accident rate by 14% from the 2003 level. So in order to do that, considering the fact that most people don't want to quite up driving we had to lower deer populations to meet that goal. And that goal was met in calendar 2012.
Micetich says biologists want to continue studying the deer population, along with reasons for the decline. In McLean County the deer harvest dropped from 427 last year to just 138 this year.

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