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Home Sales Stay Strong As Year Draws To Close

Mon, 16 Dec 2013 12:02:58 CST
By: Jim Browne

Housing sales are on pace for a good year, according to figures from the Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors. So far this year, 2,611 dwellings changed hands, over 15% more than this time last year. Chuck Montgomery, the group's president, says he sees a trend away from bigger homes:

"You know we've had energy efficiency costs added to the price of new homes, and we're seeing people buying smaller square footage homes, and that's what's, I think's driven the average price down a little bit ahm, so we look for more smaller homes to be built."
Montgomery says buyers are expressing concerns about taxes too:

"People are looking at homes, they're saying taxes are too high. And that's probably the greatest concern we have going forward, everybody's looking for more, you know, tax dollars."
That could also be a factor in the size of homes. He says if we finish the year with 3,000 home sales it would be a good year for realtors. 12 new homes, at an average price of $320,000 and 179 existing homes with the average cost of $165,000 sold in November of this year.

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