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Bloomington Approves Waste Changes Study Approval and New Development Plan

Tue, 10 Dec 2013 04:09:14 CST
By: Rachel Darling

Bloomington Approves Waste Changes Study Approval and New Development Plan Bloomington Alderman passed a substitute motion to amend the Solid Waste Program 8-1. The amendment will set gradually increasing fees by cart size. Alderman Scott Black clarified the increase starting fiscal year 2015...


"The sixty-five-gallon cart will be eighteen dollars. The ninety-five-gallon cart will be twenty dollars. Fiscal year 2016, again, the thirty-five-gallon cart will be sixteen dollars, we're holding that steady. The sixty-five-gallon cart would increase to twenty dollars, and the ninety-five-gallon cart will be twenty-three dollars. In 2017, again the thirty-five-gallon cart would be sixteen dollars. The sixty-five-gallon cart will be twenty-one dollars and the ninety-five-gallon cart, twenty-five dollars."

Three dollars per additional bag of refuse will also be charged. Thirty-five-gallon carts will remain $16.00 dollars. The increase will begin in Fiscal year 2015 and will effect the sixty-five and ninety-five-gallon carts, through fiscal year 2017

The Council also voted to implement the Downtown Bloomington Strategy 7-2 with Alderman Kevin Lower and Judy Stearns voting "Nay." Alderman Karen Schmidt says the plan was a long time coming...


"This comes not from Council. It came from our citizens, and all of the key stakes holders. People have been putting their own private dollars into the Downtown. We have a collective vision, and we have an opportunity to adopt that tonight."

Alderman Kevin Lower says it is too similar to the previous plan for him to support...


"This is, in concept and application, identical to the 2009 Downtown plan. We have taken out some phraseology. We've taken out some language that would lead us to believe it has been changed."

The development plans calls for new development, redevelopment of older areas, and parking changes, to make downtown more economically viable. Part of that plan includes the possibility of a hotel across from the Cellular Coliseum.

The Council approved a $30,000 Hotel Feasibility Study at last night's Council meeting to determine the potential success of such a hotel. The study will be conducted by HVS, the consultants used by the Town of Normal, will find if Downtown Bloomington can sustain a hotel across from the Cellular Coliseum. Mayor Tari Renner says the study was not his "first thought,"...


"Why do we need a Hotel feasibility study? ANd then I talked to other Mayor from other places and other people who basically gave me uniformly the same thought: If you're serious, and you want to get a hotel across from the Coliseum to reduce your red ink, if you want to create more jobs, you want to have a new anchor in Downtown? You need to have some market place analysis that demonstrate the themes that you find."

Alderman Judy Stearns says the proposed outcomes of many studies do not always occur...


"This $30,000 I think is a start down a road --the City's gone down a lot of roads. And some of them have not been --have not necessarily worked out for the taxpayers."

The vote for the study's approval was 6-3 with Alderman Kevin Lower, Judy Stearns, and Jim Fruin voting "Nay."


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