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Bloomington DL Facility To Start Accepting Immigrant Apps

Fri, 06 Dec 2013 17:12:04 CST
By: IPR's Sean Powers

Starting this week, undocumented immigrants in Illinois can apply for a temporary driver's license at a couple of facilities. A facility in Bloomington will start next week. The program is set to expand statewide by next month, thanks to an Illinois law approved earlier in the year. 43-year-old Gloria Lopez of Urbana has four children. She came to the U-S a decade ago from Honduras, and she says she is excited about getting the new Temporary Visitor Driver's License.

So far, two facilities in Chicago and Springfield are accepting applications for the driver's licenses. Next week, there will be two more and by next month, that will expand to 36, including a facility in Champaign. Some of these sites are accepting appointments. To get the license, people need to take a driver tests, have insurance, and demonstrate at least a year of residency in Illinois. There are estimates a half million people will apply.

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