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In Praise Of Holiday Excess

Fri, 29 Nov 2013 09:05:45 CST
By: Judy Valente

In Praise Of Holiday Excess Millions of Americans awoke this morning with a gargantuan hangover from over-indulging Thanksgiving Day on food and football. Others, at the crack of dawn, raced out the door for the start of the Black Friday shop-a-thon. That is, if they didn't already start their shopping on Thanksgiving night. Our reporter Judy Valente has a case of the blues over the commercialization of the holiday season. She turned for consolation to her old friend, Chicago humorist Mark Sullivan, to see what he has to say about that great American tradition of holiday excess.

Mark Sullivan is a Chicago humorist and the author of Sully Baby's Guide to Urban Living and Sully Baby's 100-Day Diet, which, as you might imagine, has nothing to do with losing weight. He spoke with GLT's Judy Valente.

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