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Garbage Pick Up Vote Postponed In Bloomington

Tue, 26 Nov 2013 04:18:54 CST
By: Rachel Darling

Garbage Pick Up Vote Postponed In Bloomington Last night the Bloomington City Council passed a motion to green light a study for Downtown Street Lighting Master Plan Services. The contract allows up to $74,670 dollars to be used by Farnsworth Group, Inc. to help the city plan future aesthetic improvements. Alderman Kevin Lower shared concerns about the amount that could be spent...


"...may not approve."

Public Works Director Jim Karch says the study is a continuation of previous work...

"...that downtown feel."

The motion passed seven to two, with Alderman Lower and Judy Stearns voting "nay."

The Bloomington City Council proposed new waste removal program ideas at last night's meeting for city staff consideration, after not reaching a motion to vote on city staff recommendations. Alderman Karen Schmidt put forth ideas which the Council voted to send to city staff for cost analysis and further discussion. Alderman Schmidt says the Council needs to "connect the dots" for residents...


"I'm hearing: that 35-gallon car --just hold it at $16.00. Don't ramp it up --just $16.00. We're incentivizing recycling. Do two bulk pickups a year and then everybody pays for extra. And Keep bulk and yard waste exactly the same."

Alderman Kevin Lower says the City needs a "simple message," and "simple change"...


"One of the things I don't think that Bloomington is willing to accept is any decrease in cleanliness of our environment."

Alderman Jim Fruin says the system needs to be simplified...


"The more complexity we bring into this --then it creates the logistics for staff, and we don't really know how staff is going to get some of these things done."

The vote was eight to one with Alderman Robert Fazzini voting "nay."


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