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State Farm Field Agents Hit Tornado Sites

Fri, 22 Nov 2013 06:35:43 CST
By: IPR's Sean Powers

     As cleanup continues across the state following this week's devastating tornados, insurance agents are busy helping people file claims.
     IPR's Sean Powers caught up with State Farm Insurance representatives yesterday in Gifford, where an E-F-3 tornado destroyed part of the town:


REP: "You guys ok and everything? Were you home at the time?"


ERIC: "Just left, just left."

Brandy and Eric Siminick meet with several State Farm reps in their damaged home. They hand the Siminicks a check to hold them over for a while. Eric says he and his wife are looking for a place to relocate.

ERIC: "We're staying at a friend's house and we're going to find a place. I think we found one out in the country."

Eric says he's met with a contractor to go over property damage. Kelly Dale, a claims rep with State Farm, tells him it's important to meet with someone he can trust. Kelly drives around Gifford surveying damage. He says he doesn't know how long it'll take to process claims.

KELLY: "It's going to be a long process. It's going to be very tedious. Really when it comes down to it, you just try to simplify from day one and let people know first thing we need to do is get your contractor out to determine what it's going to cost to get the demolition done, get the repair estimates in, and go from there."

Kelly says State Farm has so far received around 37-hundred storm-related homeowner's claims and 15- to 17-hundred auto claims across the state.

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