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New US Atty, Chicago Mayor Differ On Gun Laws

Wed, 20 Nov 2013 16:52:11 CST
By: AP

Chicago's new U.S. attorney says he disagrees with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that federal authorities have been too lax in enforcing federal gun laws in the city.   Zachary Fardon spoke in his first media interview since becoming U.S. attorney. Illinois' two U.S. senators and Emanuel have said repeatedly that they want Fardon to zero in on persistent violence fueled by gangs, guns and drugs. Emanuel made his comment about gun laws to the Chicago Sun-Times' editorial board last month. When he was asked Wednesday about Emanuel's gun remarks, Fardon said, ``I do not think that's fair.'' He added, ``I respectfully disagree.'' Fardon says he loses sleep over gun deaths of children. He says fighting urban crime would be ``a major priority.''

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