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IDOC Says Stiffened Gun Laws Will Cost Prison System Hundreds of Millions

Tue, 19 Nov 2013 16:52:21 CST
By: AP

Illinois prison officials say revised legislation stiffening penalties for gun crimes would still cost hundreds of millions of dollars and add inmates to the crowded correctional system. The figures reportedly come from the Illinois Department of Corrections. IDOC said the latest version of the gun bill would add nearly 2,500 inmates to the state's prison system and cost another $579 million over 10 years. That covers operating and construction costs. The amended bill is backed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and makes illegal gun-holders serve more prison time. But the measure stalled in the Illinois House after members of the Legislative Black Caucus stopped the bill through a procedural move.
The original measure required a three-year mandatory sentence for first-time offenders.

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