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Democratic Congressional Candidates Congregate In Bloomington

Thu, 14 Nov 2013 22:35:22 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Democratic Congressional Candidates Congregate In Bloomington Four Democrats say they are circulating petitions for Congress in the 13th District and all of them showed up at a Laborers' Hall candidates' forum in Bloomington ready to criticize Republican incumbent Rodney Davis. Former Madison County Chief Circuit Judge Ann Callis says the votes holding the debt ceiling hostage to funding for the affordable care act were not fair and just.

U of I Physicist George Gollin said Republicans dominated by the TEA Party poison the public dialog by encouraging resentment of government and public service.

Another U of I Professor, David Green, riffed on both the occupy movement and the FDR years by promising a better new deal that includes single payer national healthcare and no cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits. Green says he is no fan of the Affordable Care Act...

Bill Burns of Bloomington, a trucker, took aim at ideologues demagogues and nihilists and promised to use his people skills to get things done in Washington.

18th district Democratic Congressional Candidates took their own shots at incumbent Republican Aaron Schock of Peoria during the same forum. Rob Mellon is a history and government high school teacher and a National Guard Unit Commander in Quincy. When the government shutdown loomed, Mellon said he called Schock's office about his soldier's pay and his unit's training plans that would be disrupted.

For Mellon the main problem in politics is money and the fundraising he says lawmakers like Schock do that gets in the way of representing their district.

Mellon's primary opponent is a former Republican Darrel Miller of Danvers who takes aim at widening income inequality in the U.S.

Miller says he would work for a progressive tax structure. In the last election cycle, Schock bumped Miller off the Republican primary ballot for having too few petition signatures.

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