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Gay Activist-Singer Shares Survivor Story

Tue, 12 Nov 2013 19:26:02 CST
By: Mike McCurdy

Gay Activist-Singer Shares Survivor Story Growing up gay can be difficult. Coming to terms with sexualty as someone who is while devoutly religous can be even more difficult. Then mix in gay conversion therapy -- also known as trying pray away the gay. This is part of the story LGBT activist and singer songwriter Justin Utley is sharing on college campuses across the nation...and at Illinois State Univeristy. He calls himself a former "super Mormon and tells a story about his first exposure to a coffeehouse in Seattle to demonstrate his devotion to the church. Utley says Mormon doctrine puts coffee and tea in the same "sin bucket" as alcohol and heroin.


Hear Utley talks about performing at gay pride festivals and his desire to broaden his appeal beyond gay fans:



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