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Schock Touts Food Stamp Changes In House Version

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 16:14:23 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Schock Touts Food Stamp Changes In House Version Congressman Aaron Schock says he believes conference committee negotiators on the Farm Bill will split the $30 billion difference between the House and Senate versions of the Food Stamp program. If Congress is to pass something before Thanksgiving, movement will have to come this week. Speaking to reporters following a Veterans Day event in Bloomington, Schock says some of the House changes are not meant to kick people out of the program who are really needy.

"We can save $10 billion roughly if we demand income and asset verification. I would think most Americans would say well, yeah! If we have rules, we should make sure people are following rules in order that they get taxpayer subsidized food."

The Peoria Republican also says automatic enrollment in food stamps for low energy home heating assistance recipients should be halted because the income guidelines are not the same for the two programs. Some Democrats worry the House changes impose paperwork requirements that are too burdensome and will prevent the needy from accessing aid for which they qualify. The official White House position is that there should be no reductions in food stamp assistance.

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