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Mike Kerber: A Veteran For Peace

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 14:27:05 CST
By: Mike McCurdy

Mike Kerber: A Veteran For Peace Veterans for Peace is a global organization of military veterans working to end war. Bloomington-Normal resident Mike Kerber is a member. In 2013 Kerber revisted Vietnam, and later conducted a workshop on his visit at the Veterans for Peace National Convention in Wisconsin. On this Veteran's Day we're bringing you this interview again. It first aired August 5th. His first time in Vietnam in 1969 was spent on hilltop over looking the A Shau valley, serving as part on artillery unit with the 101st Airborne. The A Shau was the end of the line for the North Vietnamese supply route, the Ho-Chi Mihn Trail, it's flanked by the infamous Hamburger Hill, and it's about 40 miles from Khe Sahn. It's also not far from the city of Hue, the location of one of the fiercest battles in the1968 Tet Offensive as reported by CBS News.


Mike Kerber served in Vietnam in 1969 and 70. He returned in April with Veterans for Peace which distributed 16-thousand dollars to help deal with the effects of Agent Orange and unexploded bombs. He visted a village in the A Shau valley he over looked from a hilltop artillery position when he was there more than 40 years ago.


Mike Kerber is a retired grain trader, Bloomington-Normal resident,Vietnam Veteran and member of member of Veterans for Peace. This interview first aired August 5th. We're bringing it to you again to observe Veteran's Day. See photos of Kerber's stint in Vietnam and his return visit.

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