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Changing Portrayals Of Indians In American Entertainment

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 12:46:12 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Changing Portrayals Of Indians In American Entertainment In the new movie "Gravity," there is a mission specialist whose face we never see. The astronaut's voice has an Indian accent. The author of a new book looking at racial treatments of south asians in the U.S. entertainment industry says this is an example of "brown voice." Shilpa Dave' (SHIHL-puh dah-VAY) says in a film about the lack of sound and an emphasis on vocal communication it's interesting an Indian accent is one of the few voices heard. Dave' tells GLT's Charlie Schlenker this foreground treatment of south Asians was not always the case.

Even higher status asian characters are sometimes played as caricatures in popular entertainment. Charlie Schlenker asks author Shilpa Dave' about the portrayal of sexual status of south Asians in American Television and Film. We begin with a clip of Raj from Big Bang Theory.

Hear Shilpa Dave's take on the recent negative response to an Indian American woman being named Miss America.

Observations on Slumdog Millionaire, at wglt-dot org.


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