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Normal Town Council Puts Off Tax Levy, Budget Cuts Votes

Tue, 05 Nov 2013 04:07:13 CST
By: Rachel Darling

At last night's meeting, the Normal Town Council made no decision regarding potential tax cuts to avoid increasing Normal's tax levy. Councilman Sonja Reese says the 1.7% tax increase is a "reasonable amount,"...

"It comes down to on the average price of a home in Normal, average price of a $150,000 thousand dollar home, that represents five dollars a month."

Gaines suggested making decisions in January when budget talks and reports from staff are usually scheduled.

Mayor Chris Koos says he is in favor of the tax levy proposed by Town Staff...


"Frankly there's not enough in there, to pare back, without again eliminating some core services, cutting some programs that I don't think anybody on this council has stomach for."

Councilman Kevin McCarthy expressed similar concerns, saying the decision is a "difficult" one...


"If it comes to cutting staff or services, or not funding our pensions, I will not be in favor of that, and I think that's where we find ourselves today, and why I agree with the mayor's position."

Councilman Chuck Scott, says there are certain things he is not for as an alternative to the levy increase...

"I'm really not interested in cutting jobs, I'm not interested in cutting essential core services, which are the same services that contribute to the quality of life that our residents have come to enjoy."

A public hearing will begin the next Normal Town Council meeting while the Council considers its current options and waits for more information and possible alternatives from Town Staff.

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