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Heart Association Wants Stroke Database

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 10:01:33 CDT
By: IPR's Bill Wheelhouse

The American Heart Association's Illinois chapter is pushing for a statewide registry to keep tabs of people who suffer strokes. IPR's Bill Wheelhouse reports:


The group wants the legislature to consider requiring a state wide stroke database.    The Heart Association's Alex Meixner says it is a recommendation of a statewide advisory committee on stroke issues
"basically, the State of Illinois, could start to collect and crunch the data in terms of where care is best ,where resources need to be directed"

Meixner says if the state compiles the information, they would know where to send quality control personnel to make sure emergency management services and hospitals are performing up to snuff on stroke treatment. He says it would also help them make improvements where needed.   Meixner says they would like to see Illinois lawmakers take up the issue in the spring. This comes as a law passed four years ago is just getting ready to take effect. It sets up an emergency response system to get stroke victims proper medical care sooner.

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