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Normal Council To Hear Budget Cut Proposals

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:54:05 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Normal Council To Hear Budget Cut Proposals Town staff in Normal are ready to turn over budget cut recommendations to city council members, who'll discuss them publicly at next Monday night's regular meeting. The council directed City Manager Mark Peterson to find $2.5 million in cuts to help the city fund pensions. During an appearance on GLT's Sound Ideas, Peterson wouldn't disclose the nature of the proposed cuts but said they could effect personnel and services.

"We just go through department by department and try to identify those services or those expenditures that we could either eliminate or pare back without significant community impact."

Peterson says he expects councilmembers to prioritize his list and create a subset of items that could eventually face the chopping block. He also says the council could eventually decide to either raise the tax levy, or go with a combination of the two. The town is mandated by the state to fund its police and fire pension funds at 90% by 2040 but Peterson says Normal is aiming for 100%.


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