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Rutherford Favors Low Profile Approach To Arm Twisting

Thu, 17 Oct 2013 10:41:03 CDT
By: Jim Browne

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says the state didn't lose any money during the partial government shutdown because his office moved about $1.2 billion from US Treasury bills to money markets and other liquid, low risk assets. He says that isolated the resources from federal issues while maintaining liquidity. Rutherford also says if a situation similar to the shutdown were to occur and he were Governor, he's exert quite friendly pressure on the state's congressional delegation to make his views known:

"The approach I'm going to take at this is if this does occur during my watch, is what is it I can do to constructively be of assistance by outlining what the ramifications are but not using it as a political opportunity to beat the bully pulpit."

Rutherford says he would tend to be less of a populist when dealing with issues on the federal level that impact Illinois. He's refraining from commenting on whether the Tea party tactic to defund the Affordable Care Act by holding the government hostage was an appropriate approach. He says that'll have to be worked out among the state's congressmen.

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