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IL ACA Exchange Rates Range Widely

Wed, 09 Oct 2013 16:00:07 CDT
By: AP

An independent consulting company says the health insurance plans offered on the new Illinois marketplace offer a wide range of prices for consumers with reasonable rates, especially after tax subsidies are calculated. Marc Pierce of Chicago-based Stonegate Advisors says Illinois consumers have more choices than in many other states. Price information has been difficult to come by because of technical glitches on the federal insurance shopping website. Stonegate Advisors analyzed Illinois prices for The Associated Press. The analysis finds a 30-year-old fast food cook living in Chicago and making $18,000 a year can expect to pay $98 a month, on average, for a bronze plan after receiving a tax subsidy. The same fast food cook can expect to pay $156 a month for a silver plan, also after a subsidy.


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