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Hastert Says Campaign Finance Reform Lead To Gridlock

Tue, 08 Oct 2013 11:39:01 CDT

Hastert Says Campaign Finance Reform Lead To Gridlock Former U.S. House Speaker Denny Hastert says he can't answer how or when, but he's confident the federal government shutdown will come to an end. He has some suggestions to reduce the gridlock in Washington. Since Hastert's a Republican, it's logical that his short-term prescription for ending the stalemate heaps responsibility on President Barack Obama. He says the President at least has to put something on the table, so that they begin to bargain. Another suggestion pertains to the campaign system. Hastert, who represented Illinois' northwestern suburbs in Congress for two decades, blames D.C.'s gridlock on the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Hastert says it took money away from parties, and instead drove contributions and candidates to the far right ... and the far left:

"And so I think that Congress has become much more polarized because of McCain-Feingold. When it become polarized, it's very much more difficult to find solutions to problems."
     Hastert says it won't happen overnight ... but he says the federal government needs to change campaign finance laws to once again make the parties strong.

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