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Former Cook Co Commissioner To Be Sentenced

Wed, 25 Sep 2013 05:07:43 CDT
By: AP

Another Chicago Democrat goes before a federal judge to learn whether he'll have to serve time behind bars. Prosecutors want a nearly two-year prison term for William Beavers when the former Cook County commissioner is sentenced today. Jurors convicted the 78-year-old of spending campaign cash on gambling without declaring it as income on his tax returns. Beavers gained a reputation for bravado during his more than quarter-century in politics. Bragging about his influence, he once described himself as a ``hog with big nuts.'' In presentencing filings, prosecutors say Beavers brazenly committed crimes despite having had ``a front row seat'' to ``the long and sordid history'' of Illinois corruption.   But the defense says he deserves leniency for his years of public service. They're asking for probation rather than a prison term.

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