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Shedd Lungfish At Least 80

Tue, 17 Sep 2013 10:55:30 CDT
By: AP

Shedd Lungfish At Least 80 It's been 80 years and counting for Granddad the Australian lungfish. That's how long he has lived at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium after being brought there for the 1933 World's Fair. And today, the aquarium's marking the occasion with a party. Granddad will get an ice cake that includes some of his favorites: smelt, shrimp, peas and squash with a seaweed frosting. For humans, there'll be a special presentation featuring Shedd officials, Australian Consul-General Roger Price and an animal expert. Shedd officials say Granddad is the world's oldest-known living fish in an aquarium. His exact age is unknown because he was already fully grown when he arrived in Chicago. He's 4 feet long and weighs 20 pounds. Australian lungfish have both gills and a lung as well as fins allow it to crawl from a dry puddle to one that still has water.

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