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Insurance Apps Hit Mclean County

Mon, 16 Sep 2013 04:01:11 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Insurance Apps Hit Mclean County McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery says he foresees no trouble adapting to drivers presenting their cell phone screens as proof of insurance. It is now legal to use an app for proof of insurance. Emery says there may be some minor inconveniences if password protection comes on while deputies are using the smartphone or tablet...

"If it locks up, you can say 'Hey, unlock this I'm not wuick enought, you know, you didn't finish your business."

The law specificially states officers can't look at any other information on the device than the insurance certificate. Another new law going into effect soon will make it harder for scofflaws to erroneously claim they carry insurance. Sheriff Emery says State Police are compiling a database of those who do not have lawful insurance...

"I can pull it up on my NDP in the car, and see if this individual is on that list. And yet if they showed me a card on their app, or a printed card but yet they're on this list, well then we have a little more investigating to do."

He also says if deputies make a mistake and drop the phone and it breaks, that's too bad. The county and police departments are not liable for breakage.

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