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Quinn Suspends Funding On Capitol Renovation

Tue, 10 Sep 2013 15:10:17 CDT
By: AP

Gov. Pat Quinn has suspended funding for the next phase of a pricey renovation project at the state Capitol that's caused embarrassment for financially-shaky Illinois and raised questions about how it was allowed. The Chicago Democrat told reporters he's instructed his budget director to hold up any further appropriations for the project. The restoration of the National Historic Landmark has already drawn criticism from officeholders and candidates, along with lots of finger-pointing. Sparking the outrage has been copper-plated wooden doors with a nearly $670,000 price tag and more than $323,000 for four chandeliers. Quinn blamed Capitol architect J. Richard Alsop III and says he needs to be ``reigned in'' by the legislative commission he reports to.   It's a nearly $50 million taxpayer funded renovation.

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