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Bloomington City Council Approves Funds for Infrastructure; Refuse Collection Upgrades

Tue, 10 Sep 2013 03:50:26 CDT
By: Rachel Darling

Bloomington City Council Approves Funds for Infrastructure; Refuse Collection Upgrades The Bloomington City Council approved $200,000 for to repair its sewers and streets. The $200,000 will pay for "televised" inspections of 145,000 feet of sewers which utilizes a camera, instead of digging up each site of concern. City Director Jim Karch says this will save time and money. Karch also explained to the Council the need for an immediate decision at last night's meeting...


"What we're asking for tonight is the ability for us to extend an existing contract that we have underneath the Sewer Master Plan, that we already have under contract, so that we can react with very competitive pricing, we don't know that we could get this same pricing again. You'll notice on the Council Memo that we give you a range of what we have seen, this is on the cheapest end, the most affordable end."

The motion passed unanimously allowing the city to stay maintain its current repair time line. City staff hope to begin breaking ground April 2014.

The Council also approved Up to $950,000 dollars will pay for thirty-five, sixty-five, and ninety-five gallon refuse carts for Bloomington residents. The City Council approved the amount after amending the original motion which only allowed funds for sixty-five and ninety-five gallon carts. Alderman David Sage expressed concerns for city administration with the additional cart size. City Manager David hales says the addition will negatively impact collection efficiency...


"I would include the administration, the inventorying of three different sizes of carts, the potential for greater number of changes. It could further complicate what would be the revised garbage fee schedule."

Alderman Fazzini made the motion for the amendment, citing concerns for residents who would not be able to easily store or move the larger carts. The amended motion to include the smaller sized carts passed, with Alderman David Sage giving the lone "no" vote.


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