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Gov Says "Fix Pensions, Or No Pay"

Tue, 03 Sep 2013 09:17:23 CDT

Illinois state lawmakers missed out on another paycheck Friday, and Governor Pat Quinn says he'll continue to withhold legislative salaries until they come up with a plan for solving the state's pension crisis. Quinn has already made the comptroller withhold nearly 2-point-2 million dollars from legislative pocketbooks, and he says that'll continue, not a red cent, until lawmakers give him a bill to deal with the state's nearly 100-billion dollar pension debt:

"I haven't taken a paycheck in the months of July, August, and I won't take one, and I don't think legislators should take one until they get this pension reform job done."

The governor's facing a lawsuit from Democratic leaders of the House and Senate, who say Quinn's maneuver threatens legislative independence. A special committee of lawmakers has been working for weeks on a pension fix, with no solution in sight.

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