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Bloomington Considers Abandoning Committees

Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:53:04 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Bloomington Considers Abandoning Committees A citizen complaint about Bloomington City Council Committee meetings may scuttle the entire committee structure. Bruce Meeks was prevented from public comment during a recent meeting and the Attorney General's Office says that was a violation of the Open Meetings Act. Mayor Tari Renner says he questions the effectiveness of the Public Safety, Administration and Finance, and Infrastructure panels anyway. Renner says the example of what happened with the recent bond proposal for street repairs is a case in point...

"And it went through the administration finance committee twice in July and August there were many people who thought well, this is still too fast, we should have another work session on this before we move foward. And if that's the case, the work of the committees doesn't seem to be working."

The committees were originally supposed to be a six month experiment and they have been in place now for more than a year without review. Renner says he will begin discussions with aldermen to end the committees...

"I'm not sure if these committees are really going to help us, I think they might be more likely to divide us."

Renner also says the city needs to abide by open government rules.

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