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Gov Signs Drone Bill

Wed, 28 Aug 2013 10:23:18 CDT

Gov Signs Drone Bill Illinois police departments will be restricted in how they can use drone aircraft under a new law signed Tuesday by Governor Pat Quinn. The law says police have to treat drones like they would a search ... convincing a judge they have probable cause in order to get a warrant. Representative Ann Williams sponsored the legislation. When it was debated back in May, the Chicago Democrat said it was meant to ensure peoples' privacy:

"This bill in no way limits the use for important law enforcement needs. What it does is ensure that the privacy protections afforded to us under the Constitution -- under the First and the Fourth Amendment -- are intact."
(above,chamapign county sheriff dept. drone)
The law has several exceptions in which police wouldn't need a warrant ... including searches for missing people, when someone is in imminent danger, or when the federal government identifies a credible terrorist threat.

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