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Combative Dems At Gov's Day

Thu, 15 Aug 2013 04:20:56 CDT
By: IPR's Brian Mackey

Combative Dems At Gov's Day Illinois' top Democrats preached to the party faithful today at one of the state's biggest annual Democratic gatherings. Many candidates talked about party unity, but as IPR's Brian Mackey reports, they're also bracing for a fight at the top of the ticket:


Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley and incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn have a lot in common: both say they support organized labor, value the role of teachers in our society, and want to pursue agendas that result in more middle-class jobs.
But Daley isn't going to let that stand in his way of trying to wrestle the Democratic nomination away from Quinn.
"I don't believe that if the governor is re-nominated by the Democratic Party, he will win the general election. He barely won against a very flawed candidate four years ago."

Rather than attacking back, Quinn focused his remarks on what he's done as governor ... and what he still wants to do.
"If you work 40 hours a week, you should not live in poverty. That's why were going to raise the Illinois minimum wage as well. Do it together."

There was one show of unity, albeit down-ticket: Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn announced he'd bow out of the race for comptroller so current Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon could run unopposed. So far, it appears none of the other Democratic candidates running statewide will have to face a primary opponent.

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