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Former BCPA Director Looks Back

Thu, 08 Aug 2013 14:40:51 CDT

Former BCPA Director Looks Back
GLT's Mike McCurdy talks with Joel Alberts during today's edition of Sound Ideas. Aalberts has been with the BCPA since the first season, first as Marketing Manager and for the last 4 years as Director. He's managed a facility that's viewed as quality of life benefit by some and viewed by others as a getting an unecessary tax subsidy. The BCPA costs about $3.3 million a year to operate and receives about $1.7 million in tax revenues. Jazz Vocalist Diane Reeves was a season one hightlight, hot off her appearance on the soundtrack and in the movie about Edward R. Murrow and the McCarthy era, "Good Night and Good Luck."


Until this week, Joel Aalberts was director of the Bloomington Center for the Peforming Arts. Coming up, the role of the BCPA in the community, how to put together a season and whether every show has to make money.This is Sound Ideas on GLT.

This is Sound Ideas on GLT and more of our conversation wtih Joel Aalberts, the immediate past director of the BCPA. Last season, the center brought in 85,000 people from 24 different states for shows -- six of which were sold out. Aalberts is leaving the center at a time when there's an ongoing community coversation about quality of life issues, the BCPA and its tax subsidy. He says success -- especially financial success -- is a moving target.




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