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Congressman Davis Shies Away From Gvmtn Shutdown Talk

Thu, 08 Aug 2013 06:12:19 CDT

Congressman Rodney Davis isn't taking the same view of some colleagues who are threatening a government shutdown on a spending plan that includes the Affordable Care Act. The Taylorville Republican says while he still wants to defund the health care measure, he says conservative senators like Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas should turn their attention elsewhere:

"People want to focus on a pending government shutdown that's not going to happen instead of focusing on what matters most. And I will vote to defund Obamacare every single time, because I think it's bad policy. But I'll also vote to fix the problems that are going to occur because of it's implementation"

Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also reportedly cautioned such comments... saying lawmakers should exercise 'great care' when talking about shutting down government.   Davis, whose wife is a cancer survivor, says he has many unanswered questions as he prepares to enroll his family in a health care exchange that's part of the Affordable Care Act. Davis made the remarks yesterday in Champaign.

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