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I-39 Construction Approved In McLean County

Wed, 07 Aug 2013 14:39:39 CDT
By: Haley BeMiller

Governor Pat Quinn gave the green light to improve a three-mile stretch of road on I-39 in McLean County. The $5.9 million project will fix surface issues on the highway, as well as create jobs for construction workers. Kensil Garnett is with the Illinois Department of Transportation. He says the changes will make the road more safe.


"If you haven't noticed in the past, we did quite a bit of patching out there," he says. "There's an issue with the actual concrete that's out there. The concrete is going to be rubblized, and new asphalt is going to be placed on top of it."

Garnett also says they will add new pipe underdrains. He says there isn't a lot of traffic on this part of the highway, so he doesn't believe the project will cause excess congestion.


"I-39 does not have the ADT (average daily traffic) that I-74 and I-55 have," he says. "I would just tell people to be careful when driving through the work zone and to expect some delays because the speed limit is going to be reduced."

Garnett says construction begins August 12 and is expected to last until November.

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