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Immigration Activists Say They'll Appear At All August Schock Events

Mon, 05 Aug 2013 16:14:56 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Central Illinois advocates for immigration reform say they'll keep lobbying Congressman Aaron Schock as much as they can this month in an effort to convince the Peoria Republican to accept a pathway to citizenship. Sonny Garica says Illinois People's Action representatives plan to appear at all of Schock's appearances during the August recess in an attempt to get Schock to accept what Garcia says leaders all over the state want.

"He's spoken to business leaders saying that they supported immigration reform. He's spoken to state leaders who also are coming out in support of immigration reform. But he still will not come out and say publicly that he supports immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship."

Garcia says Schock and other Republicans in Congress more apt to accepting compromise are giving in to a small minority of conservatives who are dead set against any citizenship for immigrants. He says some moderates have begun to emerge from beneath the anti-immigration lobby to support strong reforms. Garcia says Schock needs to do the same.

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