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Rep. Brady Brings Judges Back To Table In Pension Talks

Mon, 22 Jul 2013 13:42:40 CDT
By: Haley BeMiller

With pension reform struggling to pass in the Illinois House and Senate, Bloomington State Representative Dan Brady is promoting his proposal to include judges in the state pension bill. The Republican sent letters to members of the Pension Conference Committee to reiterate what he feels is an important step in the process. Brady drafted a bill that addresses all five systems, but his ideas were met with opposition. Brady says the state is running out of options and needs to consider his plan.


"The reality is they haven't been able to accomplish anything else," he says. "I contend that if you would put all five systems in a bill, you would have the votes needed to pass pension reform in the House and Senate. They haven't tried it, so they can't say it wouldn't work."

Opponents believe Brady's plan would create a conflict for judges when addressing the constitutionality of the final pension bill. But, Brady says this theory does a disservice to the judges' integrity.


"The idea that they can't make a fair and impartial judgment based upon the facts just because it would affect them I don't think is a good premise, and actually is the opposite of why Lady Justice wears a blindfold," he says.

Brady says Democratic Majority Leader Representative Lou Lang has also drafted a proposal that includes judges. He says they will both continue to bring attention to bills that address all five systems.

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