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Foes Try To Chip Away At Concealed Carry

Tue, 16 Jul 2013 12:21:03 CDT

Foes Try To Chip Away At Concealed Carry Illinois' concealed carry law hasn't yet taken effect - it could be mid-March before anyone can legally carry a gun outside their home. But already gun-control activists are looking to change it. The very day the concealed carry measure became law ... its sponsor, Representative Brandon Phelps, made a prediction:


"You're going to see political posturing on both sides of this issue. In trying to chip away at concealed carry. Absolutely, you'll see a lot of bills."

Phelps - a Democrat from Harrisburg - was on target. Another Democrat, Senator Dan Kotowski of Park Ridge, says he's introducing a measure that would ban guns from all places of worship. As is, churches and all other private places CAN forbid guns, but Kotowski and his supporters say firearms should never be allowed. They want a blanket exclusion. Kotowski - a former gun control lobbyist - also says Illinois' law should be improved to ensure those with mental illness can't get carry permits. And Governor Pat Quinn is lobbying for even more restrictions the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups oppose.   It's expected those organizations will come forward with proposals of their own.

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