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Beaman Lawsuit Against Ex-Prosecutors Dismissed

Fri, 12 Jul 2013 15:34:37 CDT
By: AP

A man whose murder conviction was overturned after he spent 13 years in prison and two former prosecutors all have asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit in the case.
U.S. District Judge Joe Billy McDade on Friday granted the joint motion from Alan Beaman and former prosecutors James Souk and Charles Reynard. Beaman was convicted in the 1993 strangulation death of his former girlfriend, Illinois State University student Jennifer Lockmiller. He was freed from prison in 2008 after DNA evidence pointed to two previously unknown potential suspects in the case. A judge granted him a certificate of innocence in April. Beaman sued the former prosecutors and police arguing they disregarded and hid evidence that could have cleared him. Beaman's lawsuit against the former police officers still stands.

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